Bora York’s “Glowing” Will Make You Feel Like Golden

Pop that glows within

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

For all of us who need a song that can help un-shitty life and make everything look shinier, Bora York’s “Glowing” is the answer. It’s not your basic synthpop song that sounds like it was catered for parties and radio, but a track that was customized to boost your mood – and dare we say, restore some hope for humanity. With uplifting choruses and soft, exquisite croons that soar over a gorgeous production, “Glowing” is the alarm track for your serotonins:

In regards to the track, Bora York’s Chris Bartels explained, “It’s about being so in love with someone that it doesn’t matter what they look like at any given time, or what their mood is, or anything really—this type of love goes way beyond feelings. No matter what, this person is always glowing to you.”

The other half of Bora York is Rebekah who is also Chris’ wife and the hypnotic voice of “Glowing.” The duo have been busy “having babies…writing a lot…licensing track for Star Wars docs, Sirius XM, Mr. Robot…” but now they are back with Bora York and ready to jump onto to their next sonic chapter. They have a show coming up:

7/19 – Varsity Theater (Minneapolis, MN, USA)