NTL Landmarks Give Us A Shoegazer Kick With “The Saint”

A song about aging

Photo: Courtesy of Long Shot PR

Aussie quartet NTL Landmarks reflects on the notion of growing older and the perceptions we gain/lose along the way in their new shoegaze rock single “The Saint.” Layered with mesh-like strings, fizzling percussions, and buzzing drums, “The Saint” is a soft yet exhilarating track that hits your consciousness like an existential crisis. Stream below:

“‘The Saint’ is about getting older and how your perspective changes as you do.” shared the band.

The quartet will celebrate the release of their new single with two shows next month, so make sure to go check them out:

8/20 – The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel (Newcastle, Australia)

8/23 – The Marlborough Hotel (Sydney, Asutralia)