Primaveras’ “Better Off” Is Psyche Pop For Life Restarts

Psyche pop with LA flair

Photo: Amanda Adam

Primaveras, formerly known as Modern Howls, shares his latest single “Better Off” – a sun-soaked dreamy piece that exudes the bouncy flair of Los Angeles and the kaleidoscopic wind of psych pop. With hints of melancholia, “Better Off” is about putting your best foot forward from a breakup and restarting your life. It’s pleasantly lazy and exhilaratingly fresh at the same time, giving you that chill drunk feeling you get in private meditative afternoons. Stream below:

“While most people will immediately interpret it as a break up song, I see the core sentiment as trying to grow up and move on from any sort of worn-out relationship.” shared Primaveras.

James Clifford is the mastermind behind Primaveras who grew up in a musical family. He played in several garage bands during his teenage years and taught himself how to produce and play various instruments. “Better Off” is from his upcoming debut album Echoes in the Well of Being, which will be out on September 28.