Future Jr. Digs Deep Into The Delusional Layers Of Social Media In “Changing”

Social media is a lie.

Photo: Jackson Todd

In the age of Instagratification, we live in a state of semi-denial when it comes to what our lives should look like as opposed to what it actually looks like. Your daily existence should be filled with avocado toasts and sponsored products that pay you to use them. Future Jr. defies the delusional world of social media in his new ethereal pop single “Changing.” At first, it sounds like a breakup song, but the deeper you go into it, the more you realize that “Changing” is about breaking the false perception created by social media to defend your own sanity. Stream below:

In regards to the track, Future Jr. shared “As humanity, we buy into these egregious portrayals of the perfect life on social media. We put our hope in marketing campaigns and embrace the idea that happiness is an idyllic lifestyle that can be purchased. We make success our god. For me this song is a line in the sand, saying to myself, I refuse to buy into that mindset.”

Hailing from Australia, Future Jr. has been making waves with his widely acclaimed debut EP Vacancy, which was released earlier this year. If you haven’t, make sure to give it a listen: