Kevin George’s EP ‘FORTINA’ Is Hip-Hop Madness

When crazy meets R&B and hip-hop.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Connecticut-based artist Kevin George has unveiled his sophomore EP FORTINA, which is a work of pure hip-hop madness. The independent artist broke into the scene back in January of this year with his viral single “High Like This,” which was followed by his debut EP Loveland. Hypnotically broody with a slight tongue-in-cheek edge, his sound stands awash in the smoky R&B shadow while deploying the rushing moments of hip-hop. Kevin’s ability to dexterously manipulate some of the most overused elements in the R&B and hip-hop genre to create an exhilaratingly, fresh sound is a testament to the young producer’s prowess. Stream below:

FORTINA is out now via Kevin’s own label Young Forever.