Hotel Mira’s “Ginger Ale” Is Proof That Childhood Trauma & Dates Don’t Mix Well

Sorry Becky!

Photo: Hotel Mira Facebook

Listen people, dating itself is already awkward and uncomfortable. But when you add childhood trauma into the equation, it can become a private shitshow that makes you question your existence all over again. Canadian trio Hotel Mira captures the quiet inner meltdown we often furtively experience during the most inconvenient situations (dates) in their new single “Ginger Ale.” Built with elements of garage and trimmed with jangly pop elements, “Ginger Ale” is a playful rock piece that exudes a retro air:

“‘Ginger Ale’ is about going on a date when I was on tour in London. And everything was going well but then I kept losing my train of thought by having these random, horrible flashbacks to fucked up things in my childhood. It got to the point where I could hardly hold a conversation. Becky, if you’re reading this, you are a wonderful, Scottish flower and I apologize for being so distracted and out of sorts that evening.” shared the trio.

Comprised of Charlie Kerr (vocls), Colton Lauro (guitar), and Mike Noble (bass), Hotel Mira is a Vancouver-based band that will be releasing their debut EP on August 17th. Stay tuned for more garage rock goodness.