Margot Takes Us Through The Paradoxical Resistance To Change In “Tired”

Change is hard to resist

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

London quintet Margot takes us into the cloudy headspace we get in when we try to resist change in their new dream pop single “Tired.” Built on aerated synths and sparkling strings, “Tired” emits that hazy and fluid perceptive sensation we fall for during late hours of the night when we are thinking about our own lives in the space-and-time continuum. If you are going through an unwanted change, “Tired” pretty much sums up:

“‘Tired’ came from a late-night journey on the tube. I was being nosy, prying on a conversation between two men. One was expressing how difficult it was becoming with his teenage daughter, how hard it was to get any kind of conversation, how they used to be so close. He was struggling to come to terms with change.” shared the group.

The quintet is set to perform in London next month, so make sure to see them in person:

8/3 – Off The Cuff, Herne Hill (London, UK)