Meet The Soul Rock/Rap Hybrid: Harrison Gorden

Is it rock or rap?

Photo: Anna Miller

Nashville-based artist Harrison Gorden brings the roots of soul rock and transplants them into the rap soil with his sound. His latest single “Enough” starts off with a soulful, acoustic guitar that quickly culminates into hip-hop choruses that throw you off-guard. You can’t help but ask whether he’s trying to rap or rock and surprisingly enough, it doesn’t sound embarrassing – it actually sounds good. “Enough” is nestled in the sweet spot between those two genres where Harrison teasingly tilts you from one to another. Stream below:

Harrison Gorden has some shows coming up in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to catch him in person:

7/27 – Fubar (St. Louis, MO, USA)

9/2 – Summer Sundown Music Festival (Effingham, IL, USA)