Charlee Remitz Boxes Us Into The What-If Moments Of Life In “To Tell You The Truth”

Ambient pop

Photo: Liberty Music PR

LA-based artist Charlee Remitz takes us to the mystical side of ambient pop in her new single “To Tell You The Truth” where she juggles with her ambivalent relationship with the what-if dilemma. Exuding an otherworldly aura, the track is a dreamy trip to the corners of our own doubts and imaginations where Charlee’s soothing vocals leave us in a semi-calmed hypnotic space. Stream below:

“‘To Tell You the Truth’ is ‘What if?’ in musical form. A brilliant shade of curiosity. A mystical world you frequent when someone enchants you. A love/hate moment you must cherish before, all too quickly, that enchanting ‘What if?’ becomes ‘What now?’” explained Charlee.

Hailing from a small town in Bozeman, Montana, Charleee moved to Nashville in 2014 and broke into the scene with her first EP These Veins. Despite the success of her first EP, Charlee was forced to move back home due to somatic symptom disorder. But the gal continued pursuing her musical career and with the help of her first EP’s success, she moved to Los Angeles where she recorded her debut album Bright White Trims. “To Tell You the Truth” is an upcoming taste of what Charlee has in store for us this year.