Gilligan Moss’ “Fever” Goes Well With Anything Steamy

And by steamy we mean hot yoga.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

NYC duo Gilligan Moss captures the peaking steaminess of the dancefloor in their new single “Fever.” It’s a hybrid of thumping auto-tune and euphoric vibrations that sonically recreate the sensation of being possessed by your own sweat and groove at the party…or the yoga studio. And you can’t stop cus it’s your Namaste moment bitches:

“We set out to make a tune that encapsulates the feeling of being in a suffocatingly hot club. It can be sexy, unpleasant, and euphoric all at once. Once you let go and embrace being sticky and uncomfortable, you can enter a fever dream-state. This song is a soundtrack to that heat-induced euphoria…Or just a song for the real Hot Yoga heads.”

“Fever” is from Gilligan Moss’ new EP What Happened?, which will be out on August 24 via AMF Records and features their previous banger “Want U So Bad.” Comprised of Evan and Ben, the duo met when they were attending pre-school last year in Chicago. Just joking. But they did meet in pre-school decades ago. The duo have done remixes for other artists including Sia, Glass Animals, Tegan and Sara, and many more.

“What we’re doing with the project is to look to the capital C – cool club music, – realm but also to what’s happening on the radio, what’s happening in pop,” explained Evan, referring Jamie xx as an influence. “It’s about finding ways to bring worlds together and make music that can exist in the club, and at home, while still being informed by pop songcraft. Fusing those things together is what our ultimate goal is on this EP.”

Pre-order What Happened? here.