Tep No’s “Who We Are” Is, Like, Totally Chill

Soft electronic

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Toronto-based artist Tep No give us a super fresh and cathartic electronic wash with his new single “Who We Are.” This track feels like a melodic pillow to your ears – soft, zen-inducing piece that makes you ADD your way to daydreaming. If your thoughts are incessantly frying your brain, then make it stop by diving into “Who We Are” – it will work:

“The song is about a lifelong bond between friends and lovers, sharing moments while getting high, reflecting on the past and realizing that you’re in a better place because you have the support of the people in your life” shared Tep No.

The Canadian artist and producer has been making viral singles and remixes since 2014, garnering more than one hundred fifty million streams and topping Spotify charts across seven countries. “Who We Are” is currently out now via Ultra Music.