Treat Your Ears With La Felix’ New Nu-Funk Disco Single “Come & Goes”

This disco is here to stay

Artwork: Freakin Super

New Zealand producer La Felix has crafted the most adhesive summer disco anthem titled “Come & Goes.” It has an upbeat flavor where its thumping pulse effortlessly puts you in an A++ vibe. Bringing elements of nu-funk, La Felix channels the hypnotic charm of summer air and the spirit of dancefloor. Stream below:

La Felix originally got the idea on a sunny day while he was driving from Auckland to Queenstown, where he was indulging to the scenery. “I usually take a long time get all the elements together, but with ‘Comes & Goes’ everything came together very quickly and easily. I actually had a lot more instruments in there as well, but after playing around with it, I felt that it sounded best with everything stripped away, leaving it with just a handful of elements.” shared La Felix.

The young producer has been making his mark with his previous works “I Wanna Know” and “Delicious” in the past 12 months and is planning to share more goodies for the rest of the year. Make sure to keep him under your sonic radar.