Be The CEO Of Your Own Insecurities With Benjmn’s “Complicated”


Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

“I go and flex on a high / I stress on my lows” raps Benjmn in his debut track “Complicated.” The Australian artist peels the layers of anxiety and depression to find his own inner grit in this stellar, slick piece. “Complicated” is minimalistic (no pun intended) in its melodic background, yet the song feels rich for its lyrical heftiness. Benjmn’s introspective vocals channel a similar aura to that of the inner voice we all have in our heads, which constantly tells us to trust ourselves more. Enjoy below:

“Every aspect of the music – melodies, sounds, even the percussive elements – are inspired from me being alone, at night, grappling with my demons. ‘Complicated’ is about me owning by issues and insecurities, and I felt that using my own vocals was the only way I could authentically take ownership.” shared Benjmn.

Hopscotching from various studios in LA, Sydney, and New York, Benjmn has worked as writer and producer for many records including the likes of SayMyName, King Arthur, and more. “Complicated” is from Benjmn’s upcoming EP, which he hasn’t shared any release dates yet. But expect to hear more from the maestro soon.