SIFxSKAE Spread The 70s Funk With “Do You Wanna”

Jesus twins

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Aside from the fact that both of them look like messiahs, SIFxSKAE know how to create chemistry between hip-hop and R&B elements. Their latest single “Do You Wanna” is built on blood-pumping rapping choruses and 70s funk that add an extra oomph to the slick, laidback R&B beat. If you ever liked someone but didn’t know jack shit about how that person felt towards you, then this is your life’s soundtrack:

SIF (Daniel Kelly) and SKAE (Lane Dorsey) are childhood friends who lived one street apart. They both found success in the arts, with SIF starring on Degrassi The Next Generation and SKAE becoming a famous portrait photographer (Johnny Reid, Ria Mae, etc.). The duo reconnected during the summer of 2016 and decided to songsmith together. “Do You Wanna” is just the appetizer of what the two have been working these past two years.