Guilty Of Overfrying Your Brain? Then You Deserve Ed The Dog’s “Shame”

The brain of an overanalyzer is a deep fried mess

Photo: Courtesy of Two Up Management Radio & Online

In this day and age, our brains are wired to constantly overthink things. Just think about it (nu pun intended) – you’re constantly bombarded with information online that keeps your brain running nonstop. And this exact type of behavior translates to other areas of your life. UK artist Ed The Dog captures the chaotic mental mess in his new jangly lo-fi pop single “Shame.” Listening to it kind of makes you feel better – you know you’re not alone and maybe you’re not as crazy as you thought. Maybe:

“The title track ‘Shame’ is a condensed session between a psychotherapist and myself. It jumps between present and past experiences, picking them apart desperately for some insight or understanding. Hopefully it gives the listener a peep into the head of someone who overanalyses to the point of suffering from it.”

The track is from Ed The Dog’s upcoming album Shame, which will be out this Friday, July 27th.