J Ember’s “Something More” Is Rock On Xanax

Weirdly chill

PhotoL Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Toronto-based artist J Ember builds chill riffs that still inject you with rock’s spirit in his new single “Something More.” Toying with the elements of psych rock and hip hop, J Ember crafts a Xanax-like state that makes you wanna listen to “Something More” while doing absolutely nothing…except to drink wine:

“Right now, everything is DIY. We’re shooting the videos ourselves, making the cover art ourselves, and producing the music wherever we can. ‘Something More’ is the product of a freezing cold night last winter where Hayden Wolf (Once a Tree) and I were lugging all this recording equipment around the city, scrambling to find studio space. After getting booted from a couple studios, we grabbed a bottle of wine and went to go work at Hayden’s apartment. We wanted to make a song with a dreamy landscape, one that combined rock leaning guitars with hip-hop percussion, something that felt nostalgic yet modern. By the end of the night, ‘Something More’ came into the world.” shared J Ember.

Joseph Chusid is the mastermind behind J Ember who keeps a low profile for now. But you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.