Should You Join A Cult? Spirit Award Gives Us The Answer In “Supreme Truth”

Like new wave meets psych rock

Photo: Brenna Marie Nickels

If you are on the verge of being brainwashed to join a cult, then Seattle’s trio Spirit Award will help you restore some sanity into your brain…hopefully. Their latest single “Supreme Truth” is not just a wise advice, but psych rock built with the rawness of new wave. The track is based on the Japanese death cult Aum Shinriko, which was lead by Shoko Ashara who recruited rich people and carried out the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995. Enjoy below:

“Supreme Truth” is from the trio’s upcoming album Muted Crowd, which will be out this summer. Comprised of Chris, Daniel, and Terence, Spirit Award formed in 2014 and debuted their album Neverending back in October 6, 2017. The trio currently has some shows here and there for the summer and will be going on a full fall tour starting October. Stay away from cults and see the in person:

7/28 – North Face Basecamp (Rockport, WA, USA)

8/17 – Elysian Brewing Company (Seattle, WA, USA)

9/7 – Mr. Believables (Friday Harbor, WA, USA)

9/8 – Upper Left Beer Fest (Everett, WA, USA)

10/18 – Neumos (Seattle, WA, USA)

10/23 – University of Portland (Portland, OR, USA)

10/24 – Old Nicks (Eugene, OR, USA)

10/25 – Bar Fluxes (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/26 – TBD (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

10/27 – Valley Bar (Phoenix, AZ, USA)

10/28 – CANS DELI (Tucson, AZ, USA)

10/30 – TBD (Albuquerque, NM, USA)

10/31 – Syntax (Denver, CO, USA)

11/1 – TBD (Fort Collins, CO, USA)

11/2 – TBD (Missoula, MT, USA)

11/10 – Off Beat Music Festival (Reno, NV, USA)