Arlo’s “Disturbing The Peace” Is One Cheeky Pop

It’s kinda sexy too.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Sometimes you just want to make a grand entrance and show everyone how fab you are – Arlo’s newest single “Disturbing The Peace” radiates that buoyant intensity with a smoky edge. Its exquisite cheekiness is what makes the song sensual too. You know that adage of how confidence attracts people? “Disturbing The Peace” captures the truth about that knowledge. Arlo is celebrating his own self, but at the same time seducing you with a quirky and spirited charm:

“‘Disturbing The Peace’ is fun a song. It’s full of energy and character. I’m normally distraught and broken in my records. This is a side of me that people haven’t really seen yet. It’s bold, brash and cheeky. It’s full of bravado and grandiosity. I’m literally busting out of the gate in a very loud way.” shared Arlo.

Currently based in London, Arlo has been making waves across the R&B and pop scene since 2017 racking up more than million Spotify streams and performing at two sold-out shows in Lonodn. He is currently working on a new project and will be announcing new show dates soon.