Dev09 Takes Us Through The Rollercoaster Of Addiction & Bipolar Disorder In “Bored”

Visceral R&B

Photo: Angelo Kritikos

Rising 21-year-old artist Dev09 navigates through the heavy-hearted topics of addiction and bipolar disorder in her new slow-burning R&B single “Bored.” It’s a raw and carnal piece where Dev shares her own experiences of living with bipolar II disorder and wrestling with substance abuse. “Bored” is an introspective and minimalistic piece, but the thematic density is what makes it rich. Dev09 captures the exhaustive and thrilling sides of being on the extreme ends of our emotions. Stream below:

“Bored is a song I wrote when I was 18 & it’s about using another person for drugs & affection. A lot of people hear the song & think it’s emasculating, that it’s refreshing to see a role reversal with the woman in power… they say this as a compliment. I think that’s totally backwards. To me it sounds like a sad, vulnerable, insecure girl using a sad, vulnerable, insecure guy. Nobody wins. It’s a lit song tho” shared Dev.

Originally from Indiana, Dev broke into the scene with her single “You Made Me,” co-produced by Stelios Phili (A$AP Ferg). But her career took a toll when she was diagnosed with bipolar II and had to go through rehabilitation in 2016. But now Dev is back and ready to share her own journey with mental health in her upcoming EP.

“Bored” is out now via 300 Entertainment.