Sam Setton’s “Wine” Is For All Of Us Who Avoid Deep Personal Issues With Wine

Not until shit really hits the fan, it’s wine time

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

For all you hot messes out there of drinking age, Sam Setton’s new single “Wine” is an empathetic single that really gets you…like in a profoundly enlightening way. The NYC artist does not only use catchy as fuck hooks and slick R&B to kill your ADD, but also speaks the truth. He unashamedly admits that he, like the rest of us, is human and avoids confronting any personal issues by popping out a bottle of wine. Cheers to that:

“I wrote ‘Wine’ about my stressful relationship with my ex-girlfriend. Our love and dependency on each other was so intense, that after our fights we would turn to drinking and substances to ease the tension and delay confrontation. Often times the lines between love and hate, drunk and sober, became blurred. “Wine” channels my frustration and conflict about the relationship – at points in the song I’m thinking she’s my soulmate and at other’s I say that I won’t even miss her if we end things…even if it’s just to get a rise out of her. ‘Wine’ is a confrontational song, but writing it allowed me to grow and learn from the relationship.” shared Sam.

Whether this song makes you wanna be an adult and fix any love problems or be an irresponsible vino connoisseur, it’s up to you. Anyways, you probably may have heard of Sam from his debut EP Renegade, which was released last summer and has been making buzz across the media. Sam is currently working on new music, so keep him under your radar and think about him while drinking wine.