Akine Teaches Us That Hedonism Is A Tragic Expense In “No Gold”

You get what you pay for kidz

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Ukrainian poptress Akine has shared her second single “No Gold,” where she takes us through the downfall of a hedonist. It’s a stunning track where the slick beats paired with crafty lyrics embody an alchemical blend of melancholia and introspection. Stream below:

“I wrote the song partly as a reminder of what could happen if I don’t work for what I want” explained Akine. “It’s about a hypothetical person who wastes away their potential. This causes her to spiral into a wasted life of addiction and self-harm, becoming the worst version of herself, taunted by thoughts of what she could have achieved.”

“No Gold” is the follow up of Akine’s debut single “Pray For The Prey,” which tapped into the effects of organized religion during the civil war in her home country. The 17-year-old will be releasing more songs in the upcoming months, so keep her under your radar.