AObeats & Robokid’s “Sunny” Will Make You Wanna Go Out To The Real World

Time to get out of the cave

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

Your bed might feel like a giant marshmallow, but you don’t really get much done. Founders of record level Moving Castle – Aobeats and Robokid – have just released their new collaborative single “Sunny” and it’s the only track you need to convince your inner hermit to go out to the real world. The song itself blooms with its own squiggly, bizarre fashion that is free from the laws of gravity. There is a mischievous charm to the production and Robokid’s distorted vocals add a kaleidoscopic touch to it. Stream below:

“It’s very literal but when I write meanings jump out. This song is kind of about the safety of being in your own bubble. Sometimes it’s good to escape that,” Budnick explains. “A lot of the songs I write are pretty funny and ironic. I didn’t really think that would be my writing style, but it’s been very natural.” shared Robokid.

2018 has been a big year for Robokid who released his debut EP and singles “DEAD2ME” and “Fishing Lessons.” As of now, both artist do not have show dates coming up but expect to hear more collaborations from the duo in the future.