Jesus Cmplxx Takes Us Through The Motions Of Lust In “Nü LA” Ft. Sway Clarke

The sunny and lustful sides of LA

Photo: Nü LA – JESUS CMPLXX (F. Sway Clarke) YouTube

Canadian artist Jesus Cmplxx captures the sun-kissed streets of Hollywood and the shadowed corners of lust in Los Angeles in his new video “Nü LA.” Directed by Dan Abramovici, “Nü LA” explores sexuality and desire through stunning choreography. The song is built on R&B intricacies and electropop backbone that exudes a seductive aura. Watch below:

“‘Nü LA’ is just that song that lacks the need to appeal to a genre or boundaries. It inspired me to explore fidelity and sexuality through movement, and without offering easy answers.” shared Jesus Cmplxx.

Before Jesus Cmplxx stepped into the spotlight, he worked at Sony Music for ten years where he worked with other artists like John Legend, Destiny’s Child, Oasis, Mariah Carey, and many others. After he quit his job, Jesus Cmplxx signed to Capitol Records US and Island UK along with his bandmate Sway Clarke. But the A&R team got fired and he lost rights to his songs in the process. But Jesus Cmplxx is reclaiming control by releasing his works independently. Make sure you keep up with the messiah on Facebook and Instagram.

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