Lydmor Explores The Shadowed Corners Of Money, Sex, & Power In “四 Claudia”

Techno-infused savage pop.

Photo: Lydmor: 四 Claudia YouTube

Danish artist Lydmor has been bending our imaginations 360° with her latest auditory and visual works; her latest video “Claudia” is a mindfucking thriller where Lydmor takes us through the dark corners of money, sex, and power. We see hotel rooms metamorphose into Parisian luxury with panthers wearing diamond leaches and snakes slithering over Lydmor’s skin. It’s surreal, haunting, and exquisite. The track itself is a techno-infused savage pop that is loaded with metaphors and gender tension. Watch below:

“The song is a female declaration of power against the patriarchate, symbolized in the line: ‘Behold, Money, I am woman!’ Meaning: ‘I observe you and I don’t want you, because I’m stronger than you.’ The lyrics are based on a poem detailing how a rich man manipulates a woman’s life, but in the end, she emerges victorious and on top. A feminist manifest for sure and a song about the horrible power tools grounded in sexuality, money, politics and submission. Based on personal experiences and presented as disguised art. If I revealed who Claudia truly really is, it would ruin the lives of certain people.” Shared Lydmor.

“Claudia” is from Lydmor’s upcoming album I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story, which will be out on September 28th. The album was largely inspired by her experiences living in Shangahi for several months. She will also tour Europe in support of the new album starting November.

8/3 – Grimfest (Aarhus, Denmark)

11/13 – Obaren (Stockholm, Sweden)

11/14 – Babel (Malmö, Sweden)

11/16 – Vega (Vesterbro, Denmark)

11/17 – KIFF (Aarau, Switzerland)

11/18 – Hakken (Hamburg, Germany)

11/19 – Privatclub (Berlin, Germany)

11/21 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

11/22 – Stereo Wonderland (Cologne, Germany)

11/23 – AB Club (Brussels, Belgium)

11/24 – Olympic Café (Paris, France)

11/26 – Lousiana (Bristol, UK)

11/27 – The Waiting Room (London, UK)

11/28 – The Castle (Manchester, UK)

11/30 – Bardzo (Warsaw, Poland)

12/1 – Dürer Kert (Budpest, Hungary)

12/2 – Atelier Café (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)