Party Nails’ “My 404” Is A Quirky Mixture Of 80s & Night Pop

Pop with a shiny twist

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based artist Party Nails gives us a shimmering synthpop titled “My 404” to get our swag on for late nights under the neon lights. “My 404” has the sparkling synths that makes it feel like a sonic Champaign – it’s bubbly with an edge and exudes a sophisticated production vibe where Party Nails drenches you with different flavors. At one point, it feels like Party Nails is tiptoeing around 80s water whereas in other moments it feels like Party Nails is giving you a taste of futuristic pop. Stream below:

Elana Belle Carroll is the mastermind behind Party Nails who has collaborated with other electronic artists including Getter and MitiS. She is currently working on her debut album Past Lives and Paychecks, which will be out this fall. Stay tuned.