Element’s “What You Done” Ft. triple fourr Is EDM Sedated With Hip-Hop

Not chill, sedated

Photo: Courtesy of Filter PR

NY producer Element takes us into the sedated soundscape of hip-hop coated EDM with his new single “What You Done” featuring the vocals of rapper triple fourr. Blending both the mellowness and upbeat flair of the track, Element constantly tiptoes you between sparkling synths and mind-numbing tune. Stream below:

“Creating the Patience EP has been such a journey. Proud to share with you it’s 3rd single, ‘What You Done’ featuring triple fourr. And major love to my fiancé Sasha for her beautiful background vocals” shared Element.

“What You Done” is from his upcoming EP Patience, which will be out soon. Chris Cruz is the mastermind behind Element who is originally from San Francisco. He uses influences of hip-hop, classical training, and cinematic influences in his sound.