NÉONHÈART’s “Aftermath” Is Ethereal And Might Fix Your Problems

Emphasis on ‘might.’

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Electronic duo NÉONHÈART teaches us that you don’t need a life coach or life do-over button to be happier, but fix any lingering problems that you’ve been storing and ignoring in the crevices of your brain. As much as “Aftermath” is a painful reminder to be a proper adult, the song feels like a trip to the heavens with its chest-swelling atmosphere and sultry vocals of singer Christina O’Connor. Stream below:

“We all have that moment in life when we rush to find a new start but fail to realize that we are just running away from the problem. Aftermath is about that feeling when you are stuck in a continuous circle and struggle to break through.” shared the duo.

NÉONHÈART formed when Canadian singer/songwriter Christina met Chinese songwriter/producer HAOO in Los Angeles. Since debuting their EP Awakening, they’ve collaborated with a number of other artists including 3LAU, Seven Lions, and Said the Sky. The duo will be sharing more songs as we head into 2019, so keep an ear out.