Taste The Primal Sound Of Nu-Disco With Satin Jackets’ “Primordial” Ft. Niya Wells

An effortless wave of disco

Photo: We found it on his SoundCloud…it was either this or that weird geometric cartoon profile pic

German producer Satin Jackets teams up with North Carolina-based singer Niya Wells in “Primordial” an effortlessly adhesive nu-disco piece that sinks right into your system. It’s not just synths bouncing around – “Primordial” showcases a varied production built on sleek strings and piano drops where Niya’s vocals captures that rare, intimate moment of connecting with someone naturally – more natural than the overpriced apple you bought at Whole Foods:

In regards to the track, Niya explained, “While writing the lyrics, the word ‘primitive’ kept coming to mind, I wasn’t completely sold on it for various reasons – one reason being the negative connotations tied to it – but I just couldn’t release the idea. There’s much to love about those moments that don’t require much thought. Those rare experiences with individuals who just happened to show up at the right place, at the right time, seeking, craving that primal connection and that’s what I wanted to capture with this song. No one should ever feel the need to censor themselves or miss out on life changing happenings, for the sake of conforming to the demands of those who don’t matter. Tap into that primitive energy! Live your life, and see what you connect to!”

Tim Bernhardt is the man underneath Satin Jacket who has already accumulated more than 25 million streams with his debut album Panorama Pacifico. His latest track with Niyay, “Primordial,” is out now via Eskimo Recordings.