The Ready Set’s “Stitch” Is Hip-Hop-Infused Indietronica

Annnnd he’s back.

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

The Ready Set, the solo project of Jordan Witzigreuter, is coming back in full force this year with a new EP V2, scheduled to be out this August 10th. As a preview, he has shared “Stitch” – an indietronic piece that toys with elements of hip-hop and smoothness of soul. Stream below:

Formed back in 2007, The Ready Set is best known for his hit “Love Like Woe” and rapidly gained a wide teen fanbase in the late 00s. If you had MySpace, you probably know who he is. He previously released four studio albums via Pete Wentz’ label Decaydance Records before taking a break to produce and write for other artists. His upcoming EP V2 is the follow up of his previous one V1 and a taste of how much his sound has evolved over the years. If you think about it, he was known for blending emo and pop together back in late 00s. Time flies.