Ditch Inspirational Quotes & Listen To Laura Dreyfuss’ “Be Great” Ft. Pope

Emosh indietronic pop

Photo: Laura Dreyfuss SoundCloud

Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Laura Dreyfuss hits all of our emotional pressure points with her latest single “Be Great” ft. Pope. The song is like a melodic version of a motivational quote but minus the lame sunset background. It has a kick to it, but also an introspective air where Laura’s crispy vocals soar as she and Pope speak to our human desire for greatness. Co-produced by American Authors’ James Adam Shelley, “Be Great” is an unapologetic and bold track we could all use to be fabulous:

You probably know Laura from her role in Glee and Amazon’s series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. As of now, Laura is starring as Zoe Murphy in Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.