Primaveras Unveils New Dad Rock Single “Can’t Undo My Love”

Like psych pop but with a dad edge

Photo: Amanda Adam

LA-based psych pop artist Primaveras has unveiled another single “Can’t Undo My Love” where he mimics the breezy charm of summer with the kaleidoscopic production. Exuding an air of reverie, “Can’t Undo My Love” has soft rock undertones and garage inflections that highlight Primaveras’ dexterity in using small twitches to refresh the psych pop soundscape. Describing his sound as ‘dad rock,’ Primaveras knows how to surprise you and keep it classy at the same time:

“Can’t Undo My Love” is from Primaveras’ upcoming album Echoes in the Well of Being, which will be out on September 28th. James Clifford is the maestro behind Primaveras who was formerly known as Modern Howls. His debut EP Julian Jaster (as Modern Howls) garnered half a million streams organically. You can keep up with him on Facebook or Instagram.