Tilly Valentine’s Debut Single “Coins” Is Indietronica Polished With Jazz

“Did you eat your words for breakfast?”

Photo: Luke Hopkins

Rising UK electronic/trip hop artist Tilly Valentine brings elements of jazz in her debut single “Coins,” co-produced by German producer Mattis. Although melodically the song leans more towards indietronica, there is an undeniable air of classiness and tranquility that lingers over the throbbing synths. It’s the type of quirky track that you can pair it with coffee or party. The video, directed by Tilly herself and Luca De Gregorio, shows the gal in a room that looks like out of the 19th century. Watch below:

In regards to the song, Tilly explained “It’s easy to get caught up with materialistic things and think that what you do or don’t have defines your worth. My concept for the video was to represent resisting the temptations and not losing sight of what’s really important.”

Hailing from Oxfordshire, Tilly moved to LA at the age of 16 to attend BRIT School. During her time there, she met Mattis over SoundCloud and they started collaborating together online for four years before actually meeting in person. Expect to hear more tunes from the gal in the near future.