Jevon Shows Us How To Dump Pseudo-Friendships In “Judas”

Dark, raw, unfiltered.

Photo: Jake Elwin

London artist Jevon takes us into the underground soundscape of dark R&B/hip-hop in “Judas” – a deliberate and introspective piece that calls out traitors and fake friends. The video shows Jevon navigating through pseudo-friendships that eventually drive him to the verge of breakdown and rebirth. Directed by M.A. Swaleh, “Judas” is an intimate and thrilling journey into Jevon’s own memories and headspace:

“This single is essentially a conversation with myself about betrayal and loyalty. When I was young I got set up by someone I grew up with who I thought was my friend.” explained Jevon, “As a result of moments like that I now triple question things in my own mind and it can lead me to over analyse too much, this could be another example of that.”

Born of Brazilian, Filipino, and Jamaican descent, Jevon has been working for other UK artists behind the scenes before deciding to step into the spotlight. “Judas” is from his upcoming EP with the same title, which will be out on September 21st.