Millie Turner Reigns The Dancefloor In “She Was A Dancer”

Lit pop with the raw pleasure of dance

Photo: Mike Masaro

UK artist Millie Turner turns the world into her own dancefloor in her new video “She Was A Dancer” where the gal shows a stunningly chic choreography. It’s a bright and bubbly track that has sparks of baroque rhythms sprayed on it where Millie’s vocal flow lures you into groove. Covered in pastel colors, Millie almost exudes a fairy-like presence amidst the grey streets. Watch below:

“The narrative of the song is really important to the meaning. It’s about a woman who uses her body and dance as a way to express herself and feel empowered” explained Turner. “I wanted to capture the idea that she is lifted up by music. Her complete control and ownership over her body and surroundings, breaking away and letting go of anything pulling her down. It’s such an important message to hear and I hope people are able to feel the same feeling of empowerment as I had writing it.”

The 18-year-old gal has just announced a monthly residency for three months at Paper Dress Vintage starting October. Make sure to go see her if you’re in London:

10/10 – Paper Dress Vintage (London, UK)

11/14 – Paper Dress Vintage (London, UK)

12/5 – Paper Dress Vintage (London, UK)