Emma Zander’s “My Generation” Sums Up The Millennial Crisis

Also applicable to Generation Z

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

While Baby Boomers and all the generations qualified for the AARP might accuse Millennials of being ‘overprivileged’ with wifi and avocado toasts, they don’t know how such ‘privilege’ has placed us in a self-obsession and awareness dilemma. LA-based artist Emma Zander captures this Millennial crisis in her new quirky single “My Generation.” It’s a bouncy tune where Zander’s shimmering vocals reframes your own emotional turmoil into lyrics. It also speaks to Generation Z, who don’t get as much ‘privileged’ baggage as Millennials do since most of them are still underage BUT can still relate. Stream below:

In regards to the track, Zander explained that it is “inspired by the unique time we are living in right now, and our love-hate relationship with social media.”

Zander has collaborated with other artists including Corporate Slackrs and Bryce Vine. “My Generation” is the follow up of her debut solo single “Pioneers,” which was released last year.