Healyum Shows Us How To Party On Tuesday Night In “Cheap Alcohol”

Yup, Tuesday.

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

UK quintet Healyum teaches us the art of partying on a budget with their video “Cheap Alcohol” – which pretty much looks like your freshman year Snapchat. Taking us into random residential corners while getting drunker by the second, “Cheap Alcohol” depicts the true spirit of youth and party animal. The track is a glowing synthpop that is minimalistic in its sonic style, yet has big hooks that hits right at the center of your eardrums. Watch below:

In regards to the concept of the video, Director Sam Kinsella shared that he “wanted to capture the essence of a small London house arty and some of the city’s unique residential areas. Obviously we weren’t reliant on any kind of big production or location budget but it was important for that realness to translate as well…which essentially led to the guys getting really drunk on a Tuesday night and we manage to capture the night as it unfolded!”

Comprised of Jeaná Healy (vox/guitar), Katie Healy (vox/keys), Jed Healy (drums), Pip Benjamin (bass guitar), and Nathanael Degning (electric guitar), Healyum is a Bedfordshire-based band that has been making waves across radio in the past few months. “Cheap Alcohol” is from the band’s latest EP Join The Party, which was produced by Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Ghostpoet, Indoor Pets) and has been out since July 27th.