Experience The Magic Of Teenage Bond & Love In The Alvears’ “Fausto”

Cure for loneliness

Photo: Courtesy of the director

Argentinian director, Alexan Sarikamichian, is back with another stunning music video that explores youth and love in “Fausto” by The Alvears. The video follows a teenager navigating through the urban isolation before getting into a party where he discovers love and friendship. There is a dreamy aura in the party that channels the limitless connection and rare hope we get to experience within a crowd. The colorful ambience and splash of 80s fashion makes “Fausto” an anachronistic trip to our own youth. Watch below:

“I always knew that we wanted to tell the story of a boy who wandered around the city, a little lost, until he found himself and in a special atmosphere where he could take part and feel comfortable. I also wanted to shoot in a big party a long time ago, so I joined those two worlds. When he arrives at the party we want him to feel no more loneliness, to enjoy friendship, and love, he finds it there and that somehow gives meaning to everything.” shared Director Alexan.

Written, directed and produced by Alexan, “Fausto” features The Alvears’ soundtrack. In case you don’t know who they are, The Alvears is an Argentinian new wave/alternative rock quartet who formed back in 2010. You can check out more of their works here.

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