Tunde Olaniran’s “I’m Here” Is An Abstract Technicolor Odyssey

Urban maze

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Michigan-based artist Tunde Olaniran stretches the borders of our imagination with his latest video “I’m Here.” The set for the video was designed and created by Detroit-based artist Ellen Rutt. Co-directed by Olaniran and Andrew Miller, “I’m Here” captures the dynamism and variety of urban life through a hip choreography. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Olaniran explained, “We decided it would be sick to dive into a 3-D Ellen Rutt mural, and she ran with the idea of my dancers and I running through different cities and towns. So the set was all hand-built by Ellen, and we brought a ton of shapes into the space and played around and built a little technicolor kingdom.”

“I’m Here” is from Tunde’s upcoming new album Stranger, which will be out on October 5th. He has some shows coming up next month, so go check him out:

9/15 – Middle Waves Music Festival (Fort Wayne, IN, USA)

9/29 – University of Michigan Museum of Art (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)