After Serving His Self-Exile, Goldwash Is Back With “Rhythm Is Frozen”

Someone forgot to turn the flash off

Photo: Whoever took this photo, please learn to turn the flash off

LA-based artist Goldwash is back into the real world – and by real world, we mean the online world, the ONLY one that matters – after exiling himself in Ensenada, Mexico with a new genre-fluid single “Rhythm Is Frozen.” Goldwash ‘supposedly’ went on a voluntary wifi-less exile in Ensenada in order to go on an Internet detox…BUT we have a theory that it was just an excuse he made to eat bombass fish tacos. Let’s face it, you don’t have to go all the way to Ensenada to go on an Internet cleanse. You can just go to the bank (those fuckers never give out the password). Anyways, tacos and wifi detox was all Goldwash needed to come back with a bad photo and a rad song:

“Rhythm Is Frozen” is from Goldwash’s upcoming debut album, which will be out sometime early next year – that is, if he doesn’t get the fish taco fever again. His recent collabs with Whethan and OPIA has amassed 3 million streams and he’s been working with other artists like Møme and Aeroplane.

Expect to get goldwashed even more in the upcoming weeks.