Shagabond & Noah’s “Arouse” Is Romance In A Lucid Dream

Soulful indietronica

Photo: Courtesy of Majestic Casual

Toronto-based Shagabond joins forces with LA-based artist Noah in their new collaborative single “Arouse” – a blend of indietronica and soul music that has the slow-burning effect of a lucid dream. With an uncoiling smokiness and silky croons, “Arouse” takes you into an instant infatuation that feels like magic. Stream below:

The two met back in 2014 when Noah’s dad and Shagabond’s Aunt began dating – it was a bromance born out of another romance. After Shagabond remixed Noah’s “Fu Manchu” in 2015, the two started collaborating together and debuted their first single “Kodaks,” which eventually led to the decision to make an EP together. After a gazillion emails, text messages, and facetimes, Noah and Shagabond are getting ready to share their EP Everything All At Once, which will be coming out soon.