Album Alert: Lola Kirke’s ‘Heart Head West’ Is Out Now

Visceral, raw, dark

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Actress/musician Lola Kirke has been dissecting the dark corners of her own inner (and our) psyche with her previous videos “Monster” and “Sexy Song.” Her songs have been visceral and bold that lacerate the pop territory with her own folk twists and euphoric distortions. It’s a really personal record about basically everything I though about in 2017-time, family, loss, social injustice, sex, drinking, longing-essentially everything I’d talk about with a close friend for 40 minutes.” shared the gal. Stream below:

Lola has shows coming up and will be doing a record signing today at Rough Trade. So if you are in Brooklyn, make sure to stop by:

8/10 – Record signing @ Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

8/21-23 – Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

10/16 – The Regent (Los Angeles)