DNDR Make EDM: Emotional Dance Music

They’re also here to replace man-buns with man-braids

Photo: Courtesy of Violet Foulk PR

Comprised of Ludwig Jonsson and Ola Pålsson, DNDR is a Swedish duo who formed by a chance encounter in LA. They make EDM, but not the stereotypical fist-pumping one that numbs your brain and leaves you with a halfhearted buzz. They make, what we would describe as, ‘emotional dance music.’ Like an Avicii-like soundscape that evokes a mood and leaves you with a wholehearted emotional aftertaste. Their debut single “Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind” is a dance-inducing track that also serves as temporary break from the mundane rhythm of life. Stream below:

“Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind” is from DNDR’s debut EP All We Know, which will be out soon. Before moving onto your next ADHD vice, let’s just appreciate this perfect man-braid:

Yup, you heard it here first. Man-braids are the next du jour fashion.