Ayelle’s “Actor” Is For The Commitment-Phobic Generation Of Swipers

Revenge pop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Despite all of us incessantly complaining how lonely we are, we avoid commitment like the Bubonic Plague – and Ayelle calls that out in her new sparkling single “Actor.” The song is actually a revenge song on a person who had his foot in and out (the worst kind…they’re the reason why we can’t have nice things in life), but more than bitterness it has sophisticated charm to it that calms you down. Produced by UK singer Nakala and Brad Baker, “Actor” showcases Ayelle’s sweet revengeful vocals. Stream below:

“I wrote ‘Actor’ with Brad and Nakala a couple of weeks after writing ‘Mad’ about a guy I had been seeing at the time who turned out to be different from what he initially seemed like. I think that’s quite common and especially in today’s hook-up culture where we often treat one another very casually. It’s easy to suddenly find yourself at either end of the spectrum.”

Ayelle is a rising Swedish Iranian artist who is getting ready to release her EP Slow Clap, out on August 31st. She has a show coming up tomorrow:

8/15 – The Camden Assembly (London, UK)