Be The Bear Takes Us From Passive To Active State Of Life In “I Don’t Want To”

Bubbly pop

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

Swedish artist Be The Bear takes us into an exhilarating and dynamic pop sphere with her new single “I Don’t Want To” where the gal reminds us that in order to get shit done, you need to act. Fortune favors the active, not the passive. “I Don’t Want To” is glossed with all the bubbly hooks of mainstream pop, but has that rhythmic edginess of indie pop that gives it an eccentric flavor of its own. Stream below:

Christina Wehage is the gal behind Be The Bear. In regards to the influence behind her moniker, Christina shared, “I used to dream about them every night, chasing me up old wooden staircases. When dreams come back again and again, I think it’s because you’re trying to deal with something. I wasn’t facing my fears and challenging myself”.

Be The Bear broke into the scen wth her debut single “Erupt,” which was released last year and was featured in an international TV commercial for Volvo – aside from becoming no. 1 in the Swedish Alternative charts on iTunes. She is currently running her own record label Loud Attic Records and working on new music, so stay tuned.