COTIS Breaks Away From The Space-Time Continuum In “Ride”

Futuristic R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Listening to COTIS’ newest banger “Ride” feels like you’re lost somewhere outside the space-time continuum where COTIS takes you into a no-fucks-given universe. It’s smooth and exhilarating where the smoky echoes and Darth Vader-like choruses drench you with dreamy nocturnal vibes that sway your mind away from the monotony of life. “Ride” can be described as R&B, but its sui generis components make it an outsider that exhibits a futuristic flair. Stream below:

Originally from Canada, COTIS has been songsmithing in his basement for years before breaking into the scene with his critically acclaimed singles “Phone Light Up” and “All Night.” Now that he’s not a basement troll anymore, he’ll be sharing more tunes soon.