Joni Explores Dark Beauty In Her Video “Omens”

Dreamy pop meets gothic aesthetics

Photo: Joni – Omens (Official Music Video) YouTube

LA-based artist Joni explores the beauty that is found in dark elements in her video “Omens.” Produced by Noise Club and Pat Howard, “Omens” is a blend of lo-fi pop and psychedelia that has a sweet dark charm to it. It’s dreamy and haunting at the same time where the melancholia within the fizzling buzz becomes a source of comfort. The video, directed by Kristina Carucci, shows Joni in a Hitchcok-esque setting that exudes an odd air of suspenseful tranquility. Watch below:

In regards to the video, Joni shared that it “was filmed over a weekend in Montaña de Oro State Park with one of my frequent collaborators, Kristina Carucci. We took visual inspiration from things like the Godard film Pierrot le Fou, found images of mafia funerals, and religious imagery. We were drawn to things that were beautiful but dark to help tell the story of the song.”

Joni started out by making platinum-selling songs for some of the biggest contemporary artists, before deciding to focus on her own writing. The gal moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 2017 and has been exploring her own sound since then. She’ll be releasing more songs soon, so be on the lookout.


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