AOBeats & Robokid Hit The Playground & Become Bubble Boy In New Video “Sunny”

Reliving one childhood dream at a time

Photo: Courtesy of Tallulah PR

Moving Castel co-founders AOBeats and Robokid relive their childhood dreams in new video “Sunny.” As adults we become playground-deprived because we don’t want to look like pedophiles, BUT deep down inside we do miss riding slides and teeter-totters. The video showcases the two dudes playing in an empty playground with a few clips of Robokid living the bubble boy dream. Watch below:

In regards to the song, Robokid explained, “This song is kind of about the safety of being in your own bubble. Sometimes it’s good to escape that. A lot of the songs I write are pretty funny and ironic. I didn’t really think that would be my writing style, but it’s been very natural.”

Expect to hear more collabs from the duo in the upcoming months.