Margot Polo’s “Dance With Me” Is One Sexy Species Of Dance Pop

Like early 2000s level of sexiness

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Remember the early 2000s? That was the time when Justin Timberlake brought “Rock Your Body” to life and Von Dutch hats were somehow cool. Cali-based artist Margot Polo is bringing us those early 2000s pop vibes with his new single “Dance With Me,” which glows and soars with booty-shaking synths. It’s the type of track that the DJ would play to get everyone on the dancefloor. Feel it:

In regards to the theme of the song, Margot Polo shared that it is about the night he met his wife at a bar. “I remember thinking ‘whoa, this is a really cute girl.’” He recalls. “I was totally thrown off my game. I was so awkward; I didn’t even ask for her number. I sometimes wonder what it would been like if I had been more condiment in that moment, what would it be like to be one of those guys who can just walk up to a girl and say ‘Fuck it, I like you. Let’s make something happen!’ The song is me rewriting that night from that guy’s perspective”

David Provenzano is the mastermind behind Margot Polo who is currently working on a new EP that will be out in 2019.