Witness The Descent To Madness In LA Fashion With Winnetka Bowling League’s “On The 5”

When you lose your shit in LA

Photo: Winnetka Bowling League – On The 5 (Official Video) YouTube

Maybe it’s the juice cleanse or there’s too much thinking in the air, but losing your sanity in LA is far more picturesque and theatrical than in any other place. Winnetka Bowling League’s video “On The 5” is proof of it. Directed by Zack Sekuler and starring Elisha Yaffe (Lance from Better Call Saul), the video follows Elisha going insane in Ventura Blvd and Will Rogers State Park in Santa Monica. But despite the craziness that takes place, there is an odd and detached serenity in the air that really captures Los Angeles – we’re too sedated with the warm weather and used to seeing people lose their shit that it’s just normal:

As you can tell, Winnetka Bowling League is an LA-based act who will be releasing their debut self-titled EP on September 21st.