Gideon King & City Blog Captures The Chaotic Love In New York In “Gun On My Head”

Street jazz

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Prommotions

Jazz artist, Gideon City & City Blog, channels the distorted relationship and grandeur that one experiences in New York City in his new single “Gun On My Head.” Built on booming percussions and striking electronic guitars, “Gun On My Head” finds GKCB excavating his own loneliness, infatuations, hopes, and anxieties through the lens of a New Yorker. GKCB explores two relationships in “Gun On My Head” – with a person and the city. “One talks too much / And the other never listens” sings GKCB. Lyrically, the song is a bit scattered where GKCB hopscotches from a relationship with a person to one with the city. With the individual, there is miscommunication whereas with the city he is dealing with the weird loneliness of being in one of the most congested cities in the world. “Solitude but that’s just Broadway / I’m flying solo for a day” chants GKCB.

“Gun On My Head” is the third single from GKCB’s upcoming album Upscale Madhouse, which will be out on September 21st. The album captures the dirty and majestic elements of New York and the stories that are born there. “New York is a dirty place even though the streets have been slightly cleaned up since I was a kid. Everybody tripping on their own motivations and instincts.” shared GKCB. Perhaps one of the most notable tracks that captures the superficial elements of New York is “Fake It On Facebook,” where GKCB recounts the story of a young woman who uses an old rich man to get on her way. It’s a playful tune where the piano taps and bouncy guitar frame the narrative with a comical charm:

“The tune ‘Fake It On Facebook’ for example is kinda based on this woman who hitched up with a wealthy guy who was 5,243 years her senior. The whole thing was sort of funny but desperate on a multitude of levels. People photoshop their lives on Facebook with great deliberation, but they are still animals in their natural habitat. It is what it is.” Shared GKCB.

But not everything in the album is a street jazz fest. Ironically enough, “Upscale Madhouse” is a laidback tune where GKCB longs for home amidst the chaos that goes on in the world. “This upscale madhouse is the best one I’ve ever seen” he chants. From beginning to finish, “Upscale Madhouse” lingers in a slow-burning melody that delivers an exhilarating softness.

Upscale Madhouse is a 10-track record that packs a punch of humor and the spirit of New York. It was entirely produced by Gideon King & City Blog and it is the follow up of his critically acclaimed album City Blog, which was released back in 2015. GKCB has previously worked with other artists including John Scofield and members of Steely Dan. You can follow him on Facebook and Spotify.